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Simple chunky crochet snood

September 12, 2014

A beautiful cowl, slightly shaped to give a close fit to the neck.  Lovely and soft and just two skeins.


You will need:

2 skeins Plump shown in pistachio ice cream

10 mm crochet hook.


What to do:

Ch50 and join with slip stitch making sure you don't twist the chain

Round 1: Ch3, counts as 1 tr,  1tr in each ch to end, join with a slip stitch into ch 3. (50sts)

Repeat this round  3 more times.

Next round (dec): ch3, work 12 more tr, tr2tog, 1 tr into each of the next 24 sts, tr2tog, work one tr into each remeining st to end of round, join with slip st (48 sts)

Following rounds (dec): work as round above, decreasing on top of the decrease on the round before (2 decreases per round)

You should manage to get at least 11 whole rounds out of your two skeins of yarn.  Once you have completed 11, finish with a round of double crochet into every st to neaten the top.


Sew in your ends.