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Lovely kits

November 22, 2013

We've been busy creating gift kits ready for Christmas (and beyond) this week.  All the kits come with the yarn and needles or hooks needed for our favourite projects, plus a Mrs Moon project bag and the pattern, all wrapped up in a lovely buff box tied with ribbon.

As you can imagine, with the various colour combinations, that's quite a bit of photographing and I was just updating our dropbox folder with some of the latest pics and this is what I saw!  Doesn't it beautiful... ?  The kits pictured include our beginners knitting and crochet kits, Strawberry Hill, Riverdale and Godstone, but I think it's the overall effect of the thumbnails that looks so cool!

If you've been wanting to splash out on a special project, this is a great way of making sure you get exactly what you want ... send your loved ones our way!

Manly scarf

November 19, 2013

My husband is always hoping that the next thing on my needles is for him..... and is generally disappointed.  So desperate is he for a hat, that when I started casting on a beret in yellow, he still thought that there was a possibility....  really??

The thing about men's knits is that they take so long and let's face it, are generally fairly boring... (insert  'always' for 'generally').  Also, don't get me onto the colours!!!  Lordy, it gets me down!

Anyway, if you are thinking that the man in your life does deserve a handknit, here is the solution....  something small, quick and gorgeous.

You've probably realised we're slightly fanatical about Worsted Hand Dyes, but it really is an incredibly luxurious yarn and also wears unbelievably well.  My Strawberry Hill cowl was rarely off my person last winter and looks as good as new.  It's even (don't tell anyone) gone in the washing machine and still looks great!



So, here is my solution for your manly scarf.....

2 skeins Worsted Hand Dyes (shown here in olive, but charcoal, midnight, cranberry, chocolate, mulberry...(I could go on)... would all be great)

8mm needles

Cast on 36 stitches

Row 1: * K2, P2, repeat from * to end

Row 2: *K2, P2, repeat from * to end

Carry on repeating these rows until you've used up all your beautiful yarn and cast off in pattern.

I'd really recommend slipping the first stitch of every row to ensure you get a lovely smooth edge.

So quick, you could probably start it on 23rd Dec and have it under the tree on 24th....

If you would like a kit for this, click here.

Happy Birthday Mrs Moon!

November 12, 2013

Four years ago, we had just opened our door to our first customers.  We had planned to open the following day, but realised that it was Friday 13th so probably not that good an omen!!  What a steep learning curve we have been on!  Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, especially Lynn who has been there since day 1, picking up the pieces (literally and metaphorically) and kept us going!

We've received these gorgeous lilies from Lynn with another incredible knitted project.... tiny weeny knitted things... seriously, they are absolutely tiny.... she is extraordinary!

And Amanda gave us 3 of her delicious cakes from Grounded... What a perfect day!

Thank you to all our lovely customers, both online and in the shop.  And of course  to everyone who has worked at Mrs Moon and still does.. Lydia, Jenny, Nathalie, Kate, Penny, Jodie, Jane and Allison, not forgetting Karen (are you the only person that reads the blog????)... you are all gorgeous!  As a special thank you for those of you who do read this, here's a 10% off code for 24 hours (ends 11.59pm 13/11/13) ... Just use HAPPYBIRTHDAY at the checkout, or mention in the shop...  we're waiting......!

... now, where's the prosecco...?   :)


Meet the Ms Moons... pt 1

November 05, 2013

Part one of our 'meet the new faces at Mrs Moon' and welcome Jodie!

Can you guess what Jodie used to do??  Yes, very excitingly for my daughter Tilly (and me) Jodie is a dancer by trade and has promised to give us a few hints and tips on grace and elegance (I think I might be a bit past it with anything else dance related!) 

Before you know where you are, we will be wandering around in handknitted legwarmers and wraps, stretching at every opportunity!  Probably not surprisingly, Jodie seems to have a slightly healthier diet than Susan and me and so far hasn't felt the need for coffee or cake from Grounded next door... she is absolutley lovely though so we'll let her off.  She has relocated to Mrs Moon from New York, but doesn't seem too fazed by the frenetic atmosphere in St Margarets and we're sure she'll keep up with the pace!

Hopefully you'll meet her soon!