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Giant Flower Granny Square Bedspread

February 20, 2014

I have just finished making this fabulous bedspread for my daughter's bed using Mrs Moon's Plump Yarn.  It is super fast and took just under just under a week to do.  Florence's bed is a single, but it looks lovely on Molly's bed too, which is a double.  This size has taken 12 skeins of yarn, but if you wanted to make it smaller 4 skeins get you a square 64cm across and 8 skeins gets you 100cm across.  It is basically the Teddington blanket upsized, there is also a how to tutorial.

Finished measurements are 120cm x 120cm, and I used two skeins of each of the following colours: Clotted Cream, Pistachio Ice Cream, Fondant Fancy and Peppermint Cream