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Keeping it simple

January 10, 2014

It's the time of year when everyone seems to be cutting something out or acting slightly more responsibly, so not to be left out I have decided not to diet, get fit or only each raw vegetables, but to try and use up some of my yarn leftovers rather than start something new!  I know, those raw people think they've got it tough?!!

All my leftovers are really rather lovely though, so it's not so bad.... don't be too in awe! And there is something rather lovely about shuffling around all the different colours.  My project is as old as the hills and as simple as they come.  I'm rustling up a granny squares blanket as a gift and am having great fun mixing the colours from different projects that might not necessarily be the colours you would automatically put together...!  That's what granny squares are all about isn't it?!  As you can imagine, I have quite a lot of leftovers from running a shop and am slightly embarrassed to declare that I had 12 different Spud & Chloe Sweater colours to choose from!  

I decided to ditch the cream and white... there is something rather lovely about the clash of other bright colours and the neutral tones seemed to make it a bit too sophisticated!    I'm trying to make the colour combos totally random, but random as always is incredibly hard to achieve, so I've got to the point now where I'm have a little spreadsheet by ny side tallying which colours I've used where to make sure that I don't have too may yellow outsides or blue middles...!  It's coming along nicely though... just dreading the sewing up (and more to the point, the sewing in ends!)

Now where are the carrots??


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