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Deep chevron baby blanket

June 20, 2014

I love finding new crochet stitches, particulary when they are easy to do and give a new twist to an old standard.  This deep chevron blanket is one such occasion.  It creates a really sharp 'v' which is really effective in zingy colours.

Deep Chevron Baby Blanket in Blue Sky’s Worsted Cotton

Finished Measurements:

75 cm by 90 cm

You will need:

1 skein of each of the following Blue Sky Worsted Cotton colours:  Shell, Pink Parfait, Lotus, Drift and Sleet

What to do:

Using Sleet make a ch of 143 (pattern repeat is 20 +1, add 2 for base ch)

Row 1: Work (1 tr, ch1, 1tr) into 5th ch from hook,* ch1, skip 3 ch, (1tr, ch1, 1tr) into next ch, ch1, skip next 3 ch* in next ch work (1tr, ch1,1tr, ch3, 1tr, ch1, 1tr), ch1, skip 3ch, (1tr, ch1, 1tr) into next ch, ch1 **, skip 3ch, (1tr, ch1, 1tr) into next ch, skip 3ch, (1tr, ch1, 1tr) into next ch, you should now have a top (increase) and a bottom (decrease) to form a wave, repeat from * to the end, finishing ** with , skip 3ch, (1tr, ch1, 1tr), skip 1ch, 1tr into last ch.  Turn 

V st = (1tr, ch1, 1tr)    V st increase = (1 V st, ch3, 1 V st)

V st decrease = (1 V st, skip 2 Vsts, 1 V st)

Row 2: Ch3 (counts as 1tr), V st into the second ch1 sp (between the 1st and, 2nd V st),* ch1, V st in the ch1 sp between the 2nd and 3rd V st, in the ch3 sp work (V st, ch3, V st), ch 1, 1 V st in the next ch1 sp, ch1, in next ch 1 sp work 1 V st,** skip next 2 V sts and in next ch1 sp work 1 V st, (this is your V st decrease) repeat from * to the end, finishing at ** with 1tr into the top of 4ch from the beginning of row1.  Fasten off Sleet

Row 3:  Join Drift. This is where is gets a bit tricky as you are working your V sts into 2 rows below (ie. row 1), except for the increase (1 V st, ch3, 1 V st) which is worked into row 2, and to complicate matters further the V sts are worked into the ch1 sp in the middle of the V st on row 1 ie (1tr, ch1, 1tr) however, once you have this established it is a simple pattern repeat!!

Ch3 (counts as 1tr), work 1 V st into the 2nd V st of row 1,* ch1, work next V st into 3rd V st of row 1, ch1, work V st increase (V st, ch3, V st) into ch3 sp on row 2, ch1, V st into next V st of row 1, ch1, V st into next V st of row 1, skip the 2 V st decrease of row 1, V st into next V st, repeat from * to 2nd to last V st of row 1, work 1 V st into this st, 1tr into top of ch3. Turn

Continue repeating row 3, I have changed colour every 2 rows in the following order Sleet, Drift, Shell, Pink Parfait, Lotus, after 4 complete colour changes I did not have enough to work 2 complete rows of each colour so I have worked one of each, I think this looks nice as a border at the top of the blanket.

Here is a video tutorial to help with this pattern.

Abbreviations (UK):

ch             chain                                                
tr              treble crochet

V st          (1tr, 1ch, 1tr)


                                                      © Mrs Moon 2014