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We're not just good for yarn

November 27, 2009

Wow, what a couple of weeks! We've been completely overwhelmed by all the good wishes from our lovely new customers. Thank you so much to everyone who has come in (some of you many times) and spent some time with us.

We have lots of new things in stock. Brittany needles have come in and virtually gone again - they've been so popular with SW London knitters. I wanted to let you know about some of the other things that we have in stock ... we're not just for knitters.


We've loads of haberdashery including beautiful VV Rouleaux ribbons - from classic satins and velvets to giant bobbles and wired organza. Clothkits have brought squeals of delight from those who remember wearing them as well as those who remember making them and there is a wholenew generation out there about to get kitted up in their designs. Clothkits also have some Liberty print bias binding that has been a real favourite as well as giant ric rac... what couldn't be improved by giant ric rac? Kid's gifts from Buttonbag and Blueberry Park are very popular and we're in the process of putting together Mrs Moon kid's kits for inspired Christmas presents. Also for smaller kids (well, babies) we've got lots of Anne-Claire Petit toys and have treated ourselves to the rather luxurious crocheted Bird Cage... see our window.... We had a lovely visit from Jane Brocket yesterday. We love her books and blog and hope that she liked our little bit of St Margarets heaven.

Open at last....!

November 16, 2009

We are open! Our hours for now are 10am to 5pm Tuesdays to Saturdays. We are also open on Sunday 6th December when there is a street fair in St Margarets - see for details. We've met some lovely people over the last few days and look forward to meeting many more over the coming weeks and months. Not to be too Oscar-like, but we have so many people to thank for helping us get the shop off the ground, in particular Kate, Tim and James for helping us with everything and being there to support us when things went wrong, Mick, Stefan, Steve and Adam for refurbishing the shop, Simon and the St Margarets Traders Association for lots of support, advice and publicity and all our children for putting up with slightly stressed Mummies over the last few months.

...opening soon...ish

November 05, 2009

OK, so things haven't quite gone to plan and it looks like Tuesday is a tad optimistic for our opening... We could in theory open, but we'd be displaying the yarn in cardboard boxes which wasn't quite the look we were aiming for. We're really sorry to all those people who have already come to look but the shopfitting has just taken a bit longer than planned. So, we are opening on Thursday 12th November from 12pm... The reason for the afternoon is that we won't quite be ready in the morning but can't possibly open for the first time on Friday 13th - it's not sending out good vibes! So give us a bit of time on Thursday morning and then pop in in the afternoon if you can. There might even be a bit of alcohol around for those so inclined.

Nearly there...!

November 02, 2009

We've had quite a hectic half term and to be honest it hasn't been the most exciting one for the kids, but we've made loads of progress with fitting the shop out. We're really lucky to have some good friends doing all the hard work - special thanks to Stefan, Mick the Painter and Steve who are pulling out all the stops to get us open. We've been putting in a few exciting orders this week and have just been ogling beautiful ribbons and trims from VV Rouleaux. The choice is endless so we've tried to be a bit restrained! We aim to open the doors for the first time on Tuesday 10th so watch this space. A very busy week and weekend lies ahead.......