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In the pink

February 05, 2010

We thought we ought to do a Valentine's window and had a great time! I was shocked how many pinks we have and it made me realise how much yarn there is at 41 Crown Road....! I guess that whatever yarn we stock, there tends to be a version in pink and red and as long as there is then we are bound to stock it... we're just drawn towards those rosey hues. Kate, Susan and lovely Lydia have made some beautiful hearts for the window and if you look carefully you'll see some of Kate's ceramic hearts... look out for her ceramic buttons in the shop soon. This keeping-the-window-up-to-date thing is going to keep us on our toes.... we're having to think of Easter already which is most unlike us... we're more last-minute-dash-to-get-the-easter-eggs kinda gals, so it should be good for life in general. Wondering how well we're going to do with the Easter tones... somehow I can't believe we have this much yellow... but who knows.... We've got new things coming in every day - a selection of fyberspates sock and lace yarn to see what you all like arrived on Wednesday... it's not going to last long, but we'll be getting more in in the next few weeks...Malabrigo should be here soon........ Hope to see you soon. Karen