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How to videos

June 16, 2014

My daughter got a loom bracelet maker for her birthday and since then we have spent many afternoons on YouTube working out how to do more and more complicated designs.  It's amazing really how we have come to use videos for all sorts of things and how convenient they are.  It sort of happened by stealth and now you can watch a video teaching you literally anything. 

We've always tried to make videos of tricky techniques used in our patterns, but you will see an increasing number in our how to section of various different things, including, now, the basic how to cast on, knit and purl.

Having taught so many people to knit anc crochet what is really clear to us is that different people find different parts of the process tricky.  Some people get stuck on the slip knot but then have no trouble with anything else.....  others just can't work  out how to purl ...... so  as we reduce the number of classes we teach in the summer, it seems the perfect time to break the classes down into mini tutorials so you can teach yourself in the comfort of your own home and most importantly use the pause button as much as you want!

Take a look here.