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Happy Birthday Mrs Moon!

November 12, 2013

Four years ago, we had just opened our door to our first customers.  We had planned to open the following day, but realised that it was Friday 13th so probably not that good an omen!!  What a steep learning curve we have been on!  Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, especially Lynn who has been there since day 1, picking up the pieces (literally and metaphorically) and kept us going!

We've received these gorgeous lilies from Lynn with another incredible knitted project.... tiny weeny knitted things... seriously, they are absolutely tiny.... she is extraordinary!

And Amanda gave us 3 of her delicious cakes from Grounded... What a perfect day!

Thank you to all our lovely customers, both online and in the shop.  And of course  to everyone who has worked at Mrs Moon and still does.. Lydia, Jenny, Nathalie, Kate, Penny, Jodie, Jane and Allison, not forgetting Karen (are you the only person that reads the blog????)... you are all gorgeous!  As a special thank you for those of you who do read this, here's a 10% off code for 24 hours (ends 11.59pm 13/11/13) ... Just use HAPPYBIRTHDAY at the checkout, or mention in the shop...  we're waiting......!

... now, where's the prosecco...?   :)