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Meet the Ms Moons... pt 1

November 05, 2013

Part one of our 'meet the new faces at Mrs Moon' and welcome Jodie!

Can you guess what Jodie used to do??  Yes, very excitingly for my daughter Tilly (and me) Jodie is a dancer by trade and has promised to give us a few hints and tips on grace and elegance (I think I might be a bit past it with anything else dance related!) 

Before you know where you are, we will be wandering around in handknitted legwarmers and wraps, stretching at every opportunity!  Probably not surprisingly, Jodie seems to have a slightly healthier diet than Susan and me and so far hasn't felt the need for coffee or cake from Grounded next door... she is absolutley lovely though so we'll let her off.  She has relocated to Mrs Moon from New York, but doesn't seem too fazed by the frenetic atmosphere in St Margarets and we're sure she'll keep up with the pace!

Hopefully you'll meet her soon!