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Campsite (or poolside, if you're lucky) Crochet

August 08, 2013

I was looking for something simple but satisfying to take on holiday to crochet and think that I may have come up with exactly the thing!  Problem is, I go on holiday and Saturday and think I may be at least half way through it by then!  

I've been loving Granny Stripes for the whole of this year... they have been bit on the catwalk this year too, but haven't translated them into a blanket before.  The beauty of the stripe rather than the square is that you don't get that awful feeling where every round gets bigger and bigger until you can't face starting a new one.  With this throw you know exactly how much yarn you are going to need and as each row is the same, don't feel like your project is never going to end.

I'm using my favourite yarn of the moment (well, for quite a while actually), Blue Sky Alpacas' gorgeous Melange and Sportweight.  After much deliberation I've chosen 5 stripes to go on the neutral background (toasted almond melange), bubblegum, saffron (both melange) and buttercup, hibiscus and capri sportweight.

I'm loving how it looks already and am sure by the time I'm back from camping en France it will be done.

If you want to have a go yourself you will need:

6 skeins of Toasted Almond

1 skein each of Bubblegum, Saffron, Buttercup, Hibiscus, Capri

3.75mm crochet hook

Finished size: 132cm x 70cm approx

Using toasted almond, Ch 132 (or as big as you'd like, use a multiple of four stitches)

Row 1: 2tr into 4th ch from hook,*ch1, skip 3ch, 3tr into next ch, rep from * to end working 3tr into last ch. Turn.

Row 2: ch4, *3tr into first ch1 space, ch1, rep from * to end finishing with ch1, 1tr into top of ch3.  Turn.

Row 3: ch3, 2tr into first ch1 space, *ch1, 3tr into next ch1 space, rep from * to end working 3tr into last space. Turn

Continue repeating rows 2 and 3. 

Once you have 7 rows of A completed, change to your first colour, I have used bubblegum, working 5 rows in this colour.  Then change back to neutral for 7 rows.  Continue as desired.

You can of course change the numbers of rows in each colour... I think random would be quite nice, but requires more thought... too much for my holiday!

Will post a pic of the finished article when I'm back!

Have fun.