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Luxury Crochet Cowl


This is a beautiful chunky cowl has an added touch of sparkle which we like at Mrs Moon! The sparkle is crocheted in alternate rows as part of the project. The cowl uses three skeins of Plump. You will also need a contrast yarn, the above uses Anchor Metallic but any soft metallic DK/sportweight yarn would work, you could also use Pudding as the contrast although this would not give you sparkle the contrast bewteen the two yarns works well and could be used to add a subtle contrast. 


Shown in Fondant Fancy.

Plump Superchunky is a pretty standard superchunky (superbulky) weight yarn and can be substituted as such.  You should be careful to check the length of yarn per ball as well as the weight.  Alpaca is denser that a lot of other fibres so doesn't go quite as far as some.  Plump has 70m per 100g.

When working out which hook to use, bear in mind that Susan and Karen are quite loose crocheters.  If you know you crochet tightly, go up at least one hook size to make sure you get the lovely softness and drape in the project you are making that the yarn can give.

Ballband Tension (gauge):
Using a 10mm needle over stocking stitch 10sts to 10cm.

We really recommend not getting too stressed about exact tensions.  Everyone crochets differently and your tension can even change with your mood!  If you have found a yarn you really like and it's in the right ball park, why not buy a ball and give it a go?  Try a slightly different hook size if you are way off the right tension.  If you are putting all the effort into creating then best to use a yarn you love!

If you want any advice, drop us a line at

Plump Superchunky and Plump DK are made from the highest quality superfine merino and baby alpaca.  These really are special and luxurious fibres and should be treated carefully!  Having said that both yarns are suitable for delicate hand washing.  Use a specialist detergent and do not agitate or twist the fibres to retain the gorgeous softness and shape of your garment.

Because of the roving nature of our yarns (they are single ply, rather than tightly twisted), some shedding may occur.  The best way to deal with this is spray your finished garment with water and leave to dry flat, naturally before the first wearing.  This sets the fibres and should stop any problems.  If you want any further advice just drop us a line at

Using your yarn
All our yarn comes in skeins.  Before using you need to wind the skein into a ball or you will get into an awful tangled mess!  If you are not sure how to do this you can watch our video here!


Shipping is £3.95 to anywhere in the UK regardless of size.

All our orders are posted by UK first class mail.

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Orders are sent by UK first class mail.


We will happily accept returns or exchanges within 28 days.  Please drop us a line at if you plan to send anything back so that we can deal with your request.  Please note that we can only accept unused yarn, still in the skein (ie not wound into a ball).  Further information is available at our terms and conditions.